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9 dots media offers publishers an XML feed to moentize their inventory

- Access to Tier 1, 2, 3 feeds/ad inventory.

- Industry leading traffic quality tools to ensure advertisers receive the quality
and conversions they expect

- Real time bid updates to greatly reduce advertiser/publisher discrepancies

- Set up for XML feeds or java script ad units that allow full customization to your site design full range of java script ad units in all pricing options, with placement into any contextual or display ad space

- Real-time quality monitoring with tunable parameters to fine tune matching of ads to traffic

- Optimization algorithms designed to maximize revenue from different levels of quality traffic

- Detailed info in fully customizable reporting formats to monitor and adjust actions in real-time

Get the most out of your ad space with 9 dots feeds!

Display monetize solutions

9dots-icon5-innerpageAre you having issues with monetizing your ad inventory?

9 Dots Media monetizing solutions allow you to maximize your revenue from your user’s base. We integrate all advertisers, demand side platform and networks.

In our monetization process we evaluate which are the best performing ads and the best verticals on your website. Every impression and click is measured to suit your needs.


9 dots Social

9dots-icon6-innerpageWhether a website or product, we will drive traffic to your site.We offer a full Facebook campaign with campaign management and carefully selected traffic directed to your site.

With Facebook a growing and vital part of any advertising solution, 9 Dots builds an aggressive and unique promotional campaign perfected calibrated to your needs.We optimize creative element performance, test, execute and monitor all social and engagement process.

9 Dots Media understands a successful Facebook campaign requires analysis and innovative thinking to get the maximum results.

From launching the initial campaign to careful management through-out, we will continue to improve your Facebook plan to deliver the best possible performance.

Your budget, our targeting solutions, a successful Facebook campaign.

9 dots media buy

9dots-icon3-innerpageLet the world know about your product!

Our experienced and innovative media team will maximize your ROI and get your brand, product, or service distributed in the most effective way possible.


9 dots search

9dots-icon2-innerpageWith the right team, PPC Advertising can be a very profitable way of driving targeted traffic to your website. Our PPC team combines sophisticated bid optimization tools with hands-on campaign management to get you the most bang for your buck.

Advertisers using 9 Dots have experienced a tremendous increase in traffic to their sites, as well as increased revenues.


9 dots display

9dots-icon1-innerpage9 Dots Media offers display optimization to generate the highest possible ROI for advertisers, maximize sales and increase a brand’s presence online.

9 Dots opens the door to more targeted online consumers and access massive inventory based on your goals and business needs.